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Our Clients

Xstream SRL is aimed at customers with “Mainframe” data center technology environments, in order to achieve optimum operational efficiency and the best control of costs, the management of mainframe data centres requires enormous skills in analysis, control and planning. Contrary to popular belief, “Mainframes” are used more than ever which naturally means that consumption is growing.


At Xstream we let technology do the heavy lifting. We help our clients and partners reach their goals, whether they are at the very beginning of the design (redesign) process still considering all options, adding a component to an application or maintaining a current site, we help simplify the processes through the use of technology.


A range of “Enterprise Data Centre” type products aimed at both reducing costs and at good governance of complex Large Computing Systems. The creation of “discovery”, monitoring, management and Business Governance products is the result of twenty years of skill acquired at the biggest clients on the national market. The suite of Xstream products is an advanced tool that can map and display data in real time in the following areas:

  1. Layout hardware (mapping) of infrastructures composed of:
    IBM System/Z computers
    Disc subsystems
    Web subsystems
    Data Centre Interconnections and Disaster Recovery configurations
  2. Workloads
    Application consumption
    Efficiency of the applications
    Distribution and balancing of the workloads
  3. Monitoring
    Error and incident reporting
    Error and incident forecasts
    Batch process control (chain of programmes)
    “Custom” Monitoring that can be implemented by the user
  4. Quality of the software
    Tracing transactional processes
    Assisted analysis of the transactional processes
  5. Levels of service
    Tracking and control of the levels of service provided
    Impact analysis
    Correlation between the consumption of hardware and software with the levels of service provided Correlation between incidents and levels of service provided
  6. Service Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence
    Prediction of breakages and incidents
    Prediction of the consumption, loads and costs

We are committed to open source and its community, we continue to develop long-lasting relationships with our partners, clients, friends and community. Along with fostering great relationships, we also develop software applications, mobile applications, and offer staff augmentation, consulting, advising and training.