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About Us

We are a system administrators & system integrators group, who during our professional career, to facilitate the work in managing problems, we developed a series of tools that made it possible to speed up the trouble-shooting and effectively meeting all the requests that the customer made. Over time, these tools have changed their mission, moving from facilities to information system governance tools, used by different company departments, from capacity planning to management and also used to establish contractual thresholds with suppliers. We than found that the needs of good governance to which we had to respond were not linked to a single customer but rather were common to all customers with complex hybrid infrastructures such as those we were called to manage normally. Hence the idea of transforming our solutions created for the need of an individual to a suite of adaptable products that can be applied to any enterprise customer with mainframe based information systems, for the management and good governance of the infrastructure.


Although there are already a number of companies that operate in the services “Mainframe” platform market, product no covers more than 50% of the demand for governance solutions. Xstream is placed in the centre of the major areas of application of the solutions of other vendors to cover all the sensitive areas for companies based on Mainframe” IT. From the economic point of view Xstream products are in a highly competitive price range that is well below the main competitors’ proposals.Xstream success is tied to the skills of the team in creating a line of innovative products and to distribute it with a good price-quality ratio to a wide and receptive market.


Since 1998 we’ve been in the trenches — using code, smarts & grit to solve business problems for the world’s leading companies. We bring a deep bench of industry veterans with a wide variety of tools in our tool belts. We tackle technology challenges across the spectrum; front-end, back-end, and everything in between.