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10138 Torino, Italy

Email: info@xstream-labs.com

The Company Purpose
Production of IT Governance platforms for the control of Large Computing Systems (based on Mainframe technology), modernization of the organization and reduction of the costs structure
Research and Development
Machine Learning technologies for driving the trasformation of IT Governance pattern from static to self-evolutionary and self-organizing
The Problem
The Solution
Real Time performance indicators and analysis


Real time mapping of hardware assets and service delivery metrics gathering
Only one platform for controlling both Large Computing Systems and business service delivery


Enable Business managers and Technical managers to have a common language and a common platform for controlling the entire IT Service Delivery, and maintaining cost fficiency and driving innovation in a common way
Machine Learning technologies


Auto-classification of gathered metrics and their correlation with the business service delivery and its Key Performance Indicators. Auto-creation of monitoring rules and alarms
The Product
Why Us
Market Size
Average market growth per year 15%
Market Spread
Targetted Companies profiles: Finance, Insurance, Industry
Our Business Model
Both technical and marketing & sales teams have more than 20 years of experience in their field of expertise
Annibale Montenero
CTO, team lead at Pulse Labs for 12 years, works in Large Computing Systems as Master System Architect since 1997
Lorenzo di Giuseppe
CEO, lead at Pulse Labs for 6 years, works in Large Computing Systems as System Architect since 1998
Stefano Pirovano
CRO, early key contributor of many startups/unicorns (NTAP,DataDomain, FUSION-IO, PURESTORAGE, COHESITY) building from scratch to multiple millions $ of revenue in Europe
Graziano Cuatto
Data Scientist in Large Computing Systems since 1995, lead products at Pulse Labs for 6 years
Mirko Chiapparino
System Engineer, works in designer, implementation, management and securing of IT infrastructures since 1998.
Angelo Lo Drago
Data Scientists and System Architect in Large Computing System since 1974
Roberto Castagno
Software Developer & DBA since 1991
Gabriele Cuatto
Graphic Designer, marketing & communication since 1998
Alessandra Rosa
Communication Specialist. More than 15 years in the field of Advertising (ATL/BTL/TTL) and Event Management. Specific skills: Copywriter and Graphic Designer.
Giuseppe Patania
System Engineer, works in designer, management and securing of IT infrastructures
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