Our company was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of a company that was founded in 2014, operating in the world of professional consulting in the branch of enterprise unix and mainframes datacenters, both of the time-material type and as specialist advice in integration projects in major italian banks insurances and automotive enterprises.

Some things to know about us



You may not know our language, but we know yours. But not only yours. We speak the language of everyone involved in your project and translate it.

We translate your business needs into solutions the CTO and CFO can get behind. We translate technical limitations into alternative approaches.

We translate the designer’s vision into an implementable, usable and effective face for your customer.

We’re always on
We’re belive in teamwork
We’re always exploring
We aim to simplify your IT experience



We are a system administrators & system integrators group, who during our professional career, to facilitate the work in managing problems, we developed a series of tools that made it possible to speed up the trouble-shooting and effectively meeting all the requests that the customer made.
Over time, these tools have changed their mission, moving from facilities to information system governance tools, used by different company departments, from capacity planning to management and also used to establish contractual thresholds with suppliers.
We than found that the needs of good governance to which we had to respond were not linked to a single customer but rather were common to all customers with complex hybrid infrastructures such as those we were called to manage normally.
Hence the idea of ​​transforming our solutions created for the need of an individual to a suite of adaptable products that can be applied to any enterprise customer with mainframe based information systems, for the management and good governance of the infrastructure.



Although there are already a number of companies that operate in the services “Mainframe” platform market, product no covers more than 50% of the demand for governance solutions. Xstream is placed in the centre of the major areas of application of the solutions of other vendors to cover all the sensitive areas for companies based on Mainframe” IT. From the economic point of view Xstream products are in a highly competitive price range that is well below the main competitors’ proposals.Xstream success is tied to the skills of the team in creating a line of innovative products and to distribute it with a good price-quality ratio to a wide and receptive market.



Since 1998 we’ve been in the trenches — using code, smarts & grit to solve business problems for the world’s leading companies. We bring a deep bench of industry veterans with a wide variety of tools in our tool belts. We tackle technology challenges across the spectrum; front-end, back-end, and everything in between.


In our vision “the backbone of the modern enterprise” must be built and controlled by business organizational departments through a common language (system metrics) and a set of integrated management tools offering a simplyfied and easily understandable interface. This type of approach allows us to reach a deep knowledge of our solutions, understand them and appreciate them in depth, increasing the percentage of interest for our products.

It’s why we believe that:

1. Establishing a common language among technical and business people

2. Simplifying the erational anagement of mainframe
and Enterprise Server based Information technology systems

3. By unifying and simplyfing the management toolse

4. By improving visibility


Our mission is to enable Business managers and Technical managers in large computing system to set a common language for driving change and innovation (of their company) thus achieving cost efficiency and business agility and increasing competitiveness. When the IT service game become clear to both parties – everyone understand what he/she should do to improve his part.


Enable Business managers and Technical managers to have a common language and a common platform for controlling the entire IT Service Delivery, and maintaining cost efficiency and driving innovation in a common way.


Our goal is to be able to offer views that are transversal to both technical and business needs, for allowing the correlation, for example, of the breakdown of a server, with their impact on business services in which it’s involved.






Xstream offers its customers a round-trip experience starting from the customer’s processes to arrive at the technological solution that best suits their needs. The professional consulting services of xstream, aimed primarily at large companies and large System Integrators, aggregate the best market skills. We carry out a continuous selection of qualified professionals and a constant training activity both internally and in the field. in this way we are able to provide our Customers with highly qualified and motivated project teams, able to integrate with their own internal work groups and to better understand the technologies used.


Creating unique and exclusive products is our goal, through innovative processes of research, development and experimentation, with the most modern technologies we have been able to develop new products, being able to stand out for the technological innovation that characterizes our products.


Continuous research and experimentation is a fundamental element of our success. In a global context of growing attention to the themes of resource optimization and energy and economic savings, we orientate our research strategy and our productive investments towards creating cutting-edge products and quality services.


With passion, which we believe to be the fuel that stimulates innovation. In this way, we always love to confront our customers in a proactive way, because often a technological solution coupled with team work can stimulate or improve the process to achieve the goal.



Xstream SRL is aimed at customers with “Mainframe” data center technology environments, in order to achieve optimum operational efficiency and the best control of costs, the management of mainframe data centres requires enormous skills in analysis, control and planning. Contrary to popular belief, “Mainframes” are used more than ever which naturally means that consumption is growing.


At Xstream we let technology do the heavy lifting.
We help our clients and partners reach their goals, whether they are at the very beginning of the design (redesign) process still considering all options, adding a component to an application or maintaining a current site, we help simplify the processes through the use of technology.


A range of “Enterprise Data Centre” type products aimed at both reducing costs and at good governance of complex Large Computing Systems. The creation of “discovery”, monitoring, management and Business Governance products is the result of twenty years of skill acquired at the biggest clients on the national market. The suite of Xstream products is an advanced tool that can map and display data in real time in the following areas:

  • Layout hardware (mapping) of infrastructures composed of:
    IBM System/Z computers
    Disc subsystems
    Web subsystems
    Data Centre Interconnections and Disaster Recovery configurations
  • Workloads
    Application consumption
    Efficiency of the applications
    Distribution and balancing of the workloads
  • Monitoring
    Error and incident reporting
    Error and incident forecasts
    Batch process control (chain of programmes)
    “Custom” Monitoring that can be implemented by the user
  • Quality of the software
    Tracing transactional processes
    Assisted analysis of the transactional processes
  • Levels of service
    Tracking and control of the levels of service provided
    Impact analysis
    Correlation between the consumption of hardware and software with the levels of service provided Correlation between incidents and levels of service provided
  • Service Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence
    Prediction of breakages and incidents
    Prediction of the consumption, loads and costs

We are committed to open source and its community, we continue to develop long-lasting relationships with our partners, clients, friends and community.

Along with fostering great relationships, we also develop software applications, mobile applications, and offer staff augmentation, consulting, advising and training.


Join of satisfied customers using our products.



We are an innovative and competitive company focused on creating cutting-edge software products and designing complex architectures. We carry out technologies for governance and provide methods, tools and services for the architectural and organizational modernization of articulated systems. We aim to enable customers, with large investments in IBM mainframes and hybrid computing environments, to implement advanced governance practices in order to reduce operating costs, allowing end-to-end control of their applications, transforming the management method of operations from reactive to proactive. We highlight what is behind the business, that is to say the service, therefore Intelligence Service, the intelligence in the service model, ability to detect every single detail of the behavior of the system and build adequate management systems that guarantee the maximum efficiency possible with the better performance.

Annibale Montenero
Annibale Montenero CoFounder & CTO

He has over 20 years of experience in the field of “Mainframe” technology platforms gained at the major target companies of the Italian market. He was IBM’s primary partner for the EMEA area from 2009 to 2013 as part of the IBM mainframe platform modernization campaign. He conceived, designed and built, starting in 2002, i main statistical and predictive engines of the technological governance platform covered by the start-up.

Lorenzo di Giuseppe
Lorenzo di Giuseppe Co-Founder & CEO

He has a technical background of over 20 years as a System Architect and after-sales services in the Mainframe area. He also holds the role of marketing and commercial manager


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